A brief history of nicotine pouches

Short history of nicotine pouches

The tobacco market has been booming in recent years, and one interesting trend is the rise in popularity of white snus. This type of nicotine pouches is gaining a growing group of enthusiasts and has many fascinating corners to its history.

Origins of snus

Tradition of smoking and consuming tobacco goes back centuries. Snus, in its original form, appeared in the early 18th century in Sweden. Initially, it was a more discreet way for Swedish farmers to use tobacco while working. The prototype of snus was the so-called 'loose snus', a mixture of ground tobacco with water and salt, which was placed under the upper or lower lip to deliver nicotine to the body. Snus very quickly gained popularity in Scandinavia and became an integral part of its culture. Over time, the growing interest in snus led to the professionalisation of the industry and the creation of more versions, including pre-packaged versions that are still on the market today.

Snus in the USA

In the early 19th century, the emigration of Swedish farmers to the United States brought snus with them. In the USA, where chewing tobacco was already known, snus gained enormous popularity and the distinction between American and Swedish snus became common. In the following years, snus also gained its followers in other regions of Europe and the world, mainly through Scandinavian tourists.

The origins of White Snus

By the end of the 20th century, awareness of the harms of tobacco use was growing. Concerns about health and especially the oral cavity strongly influenced the snus industry, leading, among other things, to the banning of its sale in 1992 in the entire European Union, with the exception of Sweden. An intensive search for alternatives to snus in its banned form therefore began, leading to a focus on extracting nicotine from tobacco leaves. Thanks to technological advances, it was possible to create an alternative - so-called White Snus, or pouches, containing nicotine and flavourings, but free of tobacco, which was replaced by natural fillers such as cellulose, eliminating the problems of discolouration on teeth and, most importantly, the harmful substances contained in tobacco.


White snus is an exciting innovation in the world of tobacco products, with its roots in the long history of snus. Its popularity is growing, attracting both those who want an alternative to traditional cigarettes and long-time snus enthusiasts. However, as with any nicotine-containing product, moderate use and awareness of potential health risks is key, so remember that it is an adult-only product, and any product containing nicotine, will result in rapid addiction.



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